Monday, October 26, 2015


Wow! Way to let two months go by!

What can I say, September turned out to be one of the worst months of my entire life….don't need to share everything…wouldn't want to share everything ..ha ha….anyway,  the culmination of this is that my husband had a procedure/surgery heart thingie on October 13th.  He was under for four hours and came out looking like things would turn out well.  We won't know for certain for three months.  However, in the middle of the night of his stay in the hospital, we had complications….again, too many long details…suffice it to say we pulled through and it will be two weeks this coming Wednesday that we came home and he's out digging ditches in the orchard today…so there you have it!  Full steam ahead!

In the meantime I am attempting to get my feet balanced under me again.  The stress and anxiety that carried with me the month before is finally sliding off my shoulders and I'm back to my daily workouts….actually, I began running again, after a year away from the track…and am enjoying that feeling immensely. There's nothing like the power of running.  And since I gained a pile of weight during my just over a month absence from sanity…damn the vodka!  Yeah, that one kinda crept up on me…haven't partaken of the libation as such in many many years…but, it seemed like the thing to do to get some chill in my life…like I said, there were some other serious contributing factors to my demise, all, most of which I am happy to report, are on the upswing…mostly anyway.

So now it's all about being fit, creating some really cool new vegan/veggie recipes, preparing for an art exhibit, finish the damn third book already!!  and of course Xmas is next week for gods sake!  And with that holiday comes my big six oh!  That's right, June is turning 60!

One thing we did do while having fun at cocktail hour one night was one of the best things I'll ever take in my memory for the rest of my life….we had music blasting while we were working out in the garden and hanging outside all afternoon.  Then we sat down in the orchard and watched the sun go down and lights from the house looked so awesomewe felt, and feel, so blessed to call this our homeit's just so magical here.  So when we came in the tunes were just amazing, the next one better than the last one, and rockin perfect…so we danced.  And I mean we DANCED…for THREE solid hours!!  We sang and danced and kissed in-between sips…ha ha…until the wee hours.  Our neighbor thought we had guests because the music was blasting so long and late...yes, sometimes it's really okay to let your hair down.  

I'm so disciplined with my lifestyle, I rarely let anything take me out of the way I eat and my workouts, yoga, devotion, etc…(just ask my kids and my friends when they have a dinner party..they always supply something organic and veggie for me), however, the stress mounted to a level that even downward dog couldn't help…I can be so freaking hard on myself sometimes…so I just went with the flow of what was happening around me and decided to jump into the party for a moment.  It had it's good, very good, moments and it had it's very worst as well (not sharing)….so I think for me, I just work better with the routine of discipline and devotion…and that's all I gotta say about that.

However, I will always have the memory of dancing in our living room, just the two of us, laughing so hard, singing so loud, kissing so passionately and finishing off the whole night with fireworks!  (yes, I decided to share that!)   and yes, we took photos too…what?

theres a weird black smug on my
camera lens..but Ray is enjoying
this song to say the least!

So, no matter what…we ALL have those scary dark times and it feels like you'll never be yourself again…it feels like things couldn't get any worse, and then they do…however, the sun comes up every single day and you have to decide what it is exactly you are willing to do about it…are you going to melt away into nothing, or are you going to rise above it all and make something happen?  It's your choice, and yours alone.and sometimes, you just gotta dance…oxo juner

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I'm usually all about the art and family stuff…but I realized, this is probably the perfect place to share this new hobby.

I had been looking, for literally two years, to find the perfect purse.  

Now this might now sound like a huge endeavor, however, it was for me.  I wanted that old slouchy leather, fringy, hippie purse I had back in the day.  Everything was either so generic, old lady, too she-she…or simply just not me.

I went onto Esty and finally found just what I was looking for…only thing, it was 300.00.  And that's fine for this kind of bag..however, that didn't include the shipping (from Poland of all places), and the main issue I had was when I looked closer at all her bags, this one in particular, I realized,  these are VERY hand made.   Seriously, I could see the unevenness of things, the belt she used as the strap..etc.  I thought, well really…if she can do it, so can I.  So I set out to make my own leather purse.

And I have to tell you…I'm very happy with the results.  

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely mistakes, but I researched a bit and figured out how to do a double stitched seam on leather (I didn't take a close up of this technique to share…it's pretty remarkable and really lends a very authentic look to the quality.)  I got a super duper sewing machine to take on the thick stuff.  
I wasted some good pieces of leather to say the least…it's a learning experience.  But I'm figuring things out.  
I learned how to use leather tools and rivets to secure the side loops for the handle... and patched around a bit and finally came up with something I could be proud of.  I even lined it in orange silk damask!  Zippered compartment and everything!  It's all leather and fringy and big.  I put my own special logo of a leather OM symbol on the back. (it looks a bit more orangey in these photos, but it's really the perfect brown).

People actually stop me on the street and ask where I got it!  I've been asked to create some for a local boutique as well, however my life just doesn't have the time to add another career into the mix…so my closest girlies (and you know who you are),  and friends are going to have to settle for my new found enjoyment of creating awesome vintage hippie bags….and there you have it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This year was not so wonderful for my veggie garden and orchard…really weird results, not as fruitful as last year…too bad.  And of course my front lawn is non existent..between the gophers and the dogs going after the gophers and the water shortage…it's a pretty dusty and brown…so sad.

However, even in the lesser than usual bounty of my garden and orchard, there is still some small harvest.  There is nothing like growing your own food…it's something that brings me tremendous joy!  I'm very alive whilst in my garden.  And for the first year I was able to pick apples off my Rhode Island Green heirloom tree…even the Fuji is bearing fruit…yay!

So not so bad I think….actually it turned out to be a good day in the garden for me!

Chicken & Duck Eggs, Anaheim & Jalapeno Pepper,
Tomatoes (black cherry, black krim, and Juliet,
Tomatillo, Lemon Cukes and
a Potato I forgot I planted!

Rhode Island Green Heirloom….made applesauce

My First Fuji!

Peach jam (okay, not from my orchard
this year..but bought at the local farmers
market..still makes amazing jam!

Tomatillo, JalapeƱo, plum jam…
a favorite around here and my
own recipe!

The back corner of the orchard and
the back gate into the duck/chicken
pen.  Champagne grapes growing
along upper trellis with morning glory
taking over…and a side peek on the left
of my massive fig tree.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and the bounty it may bring!…xox juner

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The Benjamin McTish Fantasy/Adventure Books Series Trailer….this takes you through a quick glimpse of the first four books…enjoy!  And remember to click on the thumbs up on youtube!!  Thx for the support…and let's keep the magic alive! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Benjamin McTish has his own blog now…strictly Benjamin, nothing else!  It's a blog for the books only….a small blurb, three reviews and goodreads links, as well as links to purchase.  Simple and to the point.

So when you want to find out when the next book comes out, or share the book series with a friend…hopefully a future fan…then this is the place.

Thx again for all your support…oh! and keep an eye out for the upcoming book trailer on YouTube…at the end of this week.  And FYI…the first book is having it's first deal special on Amazon Kindle beginning Friday as well, carried through the week….99 cents!  Can't beat that!  Enjoy!  And remember, Keep the Magic Alive!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Thornton Berry Shire Press, Home of the Benjamin McTish Series: BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT-EVENT: A YA anthology that's Alice-in-Wonderland inspired featuring  stories by 13 different authors hailing from 3 different countries…(click first sentence above and link to all the details of this awesome book and event…it's totally worth it!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Had to share a couple pics of my amazing Orchids…just this one lovely little bunch that seems to be perfectly happy.  I had transplanted the larger pot just last year, so was concerned it would take…looks like it did.  ps. this plant comes up to my's humongous!

Have a super spring day….xoxo juners

Saturday, March 21, 2015


So I  just posted this to Facebook as well…I just came across an old painting buried in my stuff…it's at least 14-15 years old….it was my first painting in this style…it's not my best work, I've gotten MUCH better in technique, and it's not even finished, but it's still kind a cool.
So if you know anyone who is interested in owning let me know…at this point I'd be willing to probably just give it to someone who truly wanted it.  Like I said, it's old and scuffed up a bit, and it's medium/large..30x40.  A great "man cave" kind of piece for the right man.  Just thought I'd put it out there…I'm tired of it being stacked up in a closet…thx!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I just realized that I did not post about the passing of my father in law, Julius, this past two weeks.  I know I made my post on Facebook almost that same day, at the request of  my husband, to let the outer peripheral of friends and acquaintances know…but just now realized I didn't share mistake.  

We are all saddened at this tremendous loss in our lives…in particular, my husband and I, who shared our home and daily care around the clock for him for the past few months of his life,  find ourselves in a separate kind of mourning.  The silence is deafening around here now….it's taken a week to realize, "what do we do with our time now?".   And now we've moved into the "how quickly is this time moving on?" phase…it's been two weeks exactly today and yet if feels like yesterday and a year ago all at once.  Sometimes I find myself jumping up to make sure he's okay and realize…oh wait, he's not here. 

We still need to move forward and clear out the rest of his room…unfortunately his stinker of a  cat remains, but the candle is lit every night for him still….I'm utterly and completely lost without his presence in my life…he was a tremendous part of our lives and he will be forever missed.  He was my father in law, but treated me like his own daughter and loved me just as well.

My first visit to his home

Our Favorite pastime!

His last birthday here this past July…95!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


So if you've been wondering why I haven't returned any of your phone calls or emails lately…this is the reason.

My 95 and a half year old father in law has moved in with us! It was completely unexpected and sudden, however, we're very happy to have him here with us.

It's taking a ton of work to rearrange the house and empty out closets, etc…but we pulled down the twin canopies over the antique French twin beds and the guest room has been turned into Dad's apartment…he really feels at home.  His cat is another story…I'm going to kick his butt pretty soon if he doesn't stop messing everywhere…including the sofa!  
A tender moment I caught between Ray and his Dad.
He simply leaned his forehead onto his
Dad's and they just stayed there for a moment…
pure love!

The next thing is my very first oranges being plucked from my navel orange tree in my backyard…holy crap!  They're big ones..and juicy! I can't believe I grow oranges now, it's so cool!

And thirdly…my birthday present from my old best buddy Denny…it's spectacular in person!  I have the perfect spot for it in my den/library…yay!!  Thx Denster!

So to all my besties out there, hope you're having a couple new, interesting, or exciting things happening around your home…I love you all, and you know who I'm talking too! xox juners

Janis late 60's

Janis  late 60's